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On 18 August 2021, the Medical Device Coordination Group, composed of representatives of all Member States and chaired by a representative of the European Commission, published the guidance on procedures for the translation of labels and instructions for use, as well as the repackaging of medical devices. The guidance is intended to provide ...

 eu medical device labelling requirements | clever compliance
Medical Device Labelling Requirements. A label represents the written, printed or graphic information appearing either on the medical device itself, or on the packaging of each unit or the packaging of multiple medical devices. Manufacturers must ensure that their product labels bear all the following elements to avoid non-compliance: Product name.

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labelling medical device italy Labelling serves to communicate safety and performance related information to users of medical devices and/or patients as well as to identify individual devices. Such information may appear on the device itself, on packaging (or as a packaging insert), or as information for use. research sachet powder milan ...

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 white paper medical devices labelling: instructions for use - thema med
WHITE PAPER “MEDICAL DEVICES LABELLING: INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE” This White Paper addresses the issue of labelling, from a regulatory point of view. In the Medical Devices Regulation MDR (EU) 2017/745, there are several parts dealing with this issue. We advise you to read this article to have a comprehensive overview of the legislative requirements.

 italy introduces new rules regarding medical devices and in vitro ...
On September 28, 2022, Legislative Decrees no. 137 and no. 138 of August 5, 2022 entered into force, adapting Italy’s national regulatory framework to the European Union’s Regulations (EU) no. 2017/745 and no. 2017/746 regarding medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices respectively. This marks an important step forward in ensuring a higher level of safety of medical devices ...

 proposed document: principles of labeling for medical devices ... - imdrf
Medical Devices --Symbols to be Used with Medical Device Labels, 105 Labeling and Information to be Supplied -- Part 1: General Requirements 106 • ISO 14971:2007 ... 137 manufacturer (labelling) GRRP WG (PD1)/N52 12 July 2018 Page 7 of 31 138 3.0 Definitions 139 3.1

 principles of labelling for medical devices and ivd medical devices - imdrf
Introduction The purpose of this IMDRF guidance is to provide globally harmonized labelling principles for medical devices, including in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices, and support the IMDRF Essential Principles of Safety and Performance'.

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