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 list of contract research organizations in italy - ich gcp
Local, small- and mid-size Contract Research Organizations in Italy . Ad Hoc Clinical. Ad Hoc Clinical is a small CRO, located in the heart of Europe. ... optimize your development timelines to get medicines and medical devices to market quickly and safely. There is no other area of business that is more heavily regulated than the development, ...

 clinical trials concerning medicinal products | italian medicines agency
Clinical research in Italy involves many actors: AIFA, for study authorisation and amendments to each phase; the Istituto Superiore di Sanità for consultative opinions on studies and amendments to Phase I; Ethics Committees for opinions within the health facilities where the clinical study is carried out; Directorates General of the health facilities for the definition of contracts; the ...

 medical device italia: numeri del settore | miopharma blog
Le imprese che rientravano nell’industria dei medical device in Italia erano 4.546, in aumento di 223 rispetto all’anno precedente. Di queste, solo il 5,7% sono grandi imprese: ciò significa che la struttura portante del settore italiano dei medical device si basa sulle piccole e medie imprese. Inoltre, attraverso la classificazione delle ...

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 research and clinical trials | italian medicines agency
AIFA is committed to implementing the European directives and national legislation concerning clinical trials, facilitates international research, the IT and cultural network of the local ethics committees, ensures the functioning of the National Observatory on Clinical Trials ( Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Sperimentazioni Cliniche, OsSC) to ...

 medical device in italia: analisi di iqvia | miopharma blog
L’evoluzione del settore medtech italiano. Prendendo in considerazione i dati IQVIA Italia relativi al canale ospedaliero, il mercato italiano dei medical device nell’ultimo anno mobile, terminato alla fine del primo trimestre 2021, ha registrato un valore di 5,569 miliardi di Euro, in crescita del 4% rispetto all’anno mobile precedente.

 italy health - medical devices
Medical devices. During the past decade, there has been rapid growth in the availability of diagnostic technologies such as computed tomography ( CT) scanners and magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) units in Italy. In 2010 there are. 22.4 MRIs per million population (well above the OECD average of 12.5). 31.6 CT scanners per million population ...

 national observatory on clinical trials | italian medicines agency
The National Observatory on Clinical Trials (OsSC) manages the authorisation process of clinical trials (Phase I-IV) that are conducted in Italy, and provides a real time picture of the clinical research progress in the country. It also acts as an interface for transferring information to the European EudraCT database. It allows to submit ...

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