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 italy health - medical devices
The registration in the Database and Repertory of Medical Devices (RDM) is mandatory in order to supply medical devices and equipment to hospitals in Italy. In fact, according to the Ministry of Health Decree (DM) issued on December 21, 2009, without this mandatory registration medical and surgical devices cannot be supplied to Italian hospitals.

 italy - medical device industry and demographic data
Overview of medical device industry: Italy is the fourth largest medical device market in Europe and was valued at US$10 billion in 2014. However, growth is expected to be minimal in coming years. The market contracted in 2015 and is not expected to recover to its 2014 value until 2019, when it could reach US$10.5 billion.

 dipromed | dispositivi medici
Dipromed is an italian company that, from 1978, works in in the medical devices industry. In this site we present our company, our product and we give costant updates. We believe that research is a focal point in medical industry and for its devices.

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 a guide to enter your medical device in italy | regdesk
Italy makes a mature medical device market with a lot of opportunities. It is the 4th biggest market in Europe, after Germany, France, and United Kingdom. The biggest suppliers of medical devices to the Italian market include United States, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

 medical device registration in italy - thema med
Manufacturers intending to market CE-marked medical devices in Italy and European Authorized Representatives, in the case of devices produced by Manufacturers established outside the European Union, must register with the Ministry of Health database and notify some technical data of the device, according to specific online forms for the purpose of their inclusion in the medical devices Repertoire.

 medical devices: regulatory obligations in italy
In Italy, the Manufacturer (or its authorized representative in Europe) must register the medical devices in a dedicated database of the Ministry of Health before they are put into the market. The same requirement applies also to medical device kits, that must be registered into the same database by the Assembler.

 99 offerte di lavoro per “medical device italy” - italia
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