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development sachet liquid italy Fax +39 06 92 83 657. ROPACK PHARMA SOLUTIONS’ SACHET PACKAGING AND SAFETY FEATURES. Powder, solid or liquid/cream fill. Filled under nitrogen; under controlled humidity. Powder unit dose fill: 2g to 150g. Sachet width range: 54mm to 120mm. limhealth s.r.l. produce integratori alimentari e dispositivi medici ...

 production of food supplements and medical devices, ceriano ... - limhealth
Content: liquid / powder products Liquid amount: from 1.5ml to 15ml Powder amount: from 2g to 6g Stick-packs for box: any number of sticks per box Box size: a lot of different size of boxes are already available PACKAGING TECHNICAL DATA Material: - Double or triple layer film - Paper/pe - Pet/pe - Pet/alu/pe - Paper/alu/pe - Or different polymers

 production of food supplements and medical devices, ceriano ... - limhealth
Content: liquid and viscous products Volume: from 5 ml to 1 lt PACKAGING TECHNICAL DATA Material: Plastics, glass Bottles: several kind bottles, printed, labelled and/or sleevered Closures: Tamper evident and child-proof Box size: a lot of different size of boxes are already available

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 research & development - limhealth
Limhealth current production and development includes many formulations such as multivitamins, herbal remedies, pre-probiotics, anti-cough, women and men health & wellbeing products for all ages, natural defences, joint mobility, digestion-intestinal health, antacid, cardiovascular health etc, most of them are already available for new clients.

 production of food supplements and medical devices, ceriano ... - limhealth
OUR AMBITION IS TO BECOME A VALUABLE AND STRATEGIC PARTNER TO THE REALIZATION OF YOUR PRODUCT. The company produces liquids and emulsions in stick-packs, sachets and bottles (10-1000 ml), powders in stick-packs and sachets, tablets and capsules in blisters and bottles with several types of closures.

 unit-dose sachets - pharmaceutical technology
Ropack Pharma Solutions’ sachet packaging and safety features Powder, solid or liquid/cream fill Filled under nitrogen ; under controlled humidity Powder unit dose fill : 2 g to 150 g Sachet width range : 54 mm to 120 mm Single or double sachet formats Solid fill : one or two different products per sachet Liquid or cream fill : 1 ml to 70 ml

 s.i.i.t. - wellness, nutrition & health contract development ...
S.I.I.T. is a privately owned company founded in 1959, as a pharmaceutical contract packaging company, in the 2nd half of the 80’s it started an important transformation, 3 important steps in the evolution process: contract manufacturing of health food supplements (1985), extension to pharmaceutical contract manufacturing (1994), research & development health food supplement division (2001 ...

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