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 ams group | produzione e distribuzione dispositivi medici
AMS Group Advanced Medical Systems . La nostra mission è aiutare i pazienti a vivere una vita senza dolore fornendo, ai medici specializzati, dispositivi medici innovativi e di alta qualità,

 medical devices production
MEDICAL DEVICES MULTIMEDICAL is one of the main italian companies producing disposable medical devices. Since 1984 MULTIMEDICAL directly produces medical devices as : Elastomeric pumps fixed and variable flow; Radiology devices; Dental set; Huber needles; Fistula needles; Infusion needles; I.V. infusion sets; Infusion needle ; Antiblastic drugs sets

 production of syringes and medical devices - pentaferte italia
Production of syringes and medical devices Pentaferte is an Italian company which operates in European and extra-European markets. The industrial activity of manufacturing medical devices is the “DNA” of this Italian company which, over the years, has been able to follow and anticipate market developments, in terms of quality standards and demand for safety products in the medical world.

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 italy - medical device industry and demographic data
In spite of these challenges, the Italian medical device market is innovative and mature, with a strong start-up culture and an emphasis on local production. Italian medical device manufacturers are usually small to mid-sized companies that serve the healthcare industry as well as export their products to other parts of Europe and beyond.

 medical and surgical products | production and ...
Med-Italia Biomedica provides its customers the know-how gained through years of design and project planning, and most importantly equipment designed, tested, controlled and produced in Italy that give life to sterile products and custom procedure kits to meet all the demands and needs of the medical industry.

 production and distribution of disposable medical products
Med-Italia Biomedica was founded in 1986 by a group of experienced medical device entrepreneurs, with the goal to produce a range of disposable medical and surgical products to meet the specific needs of each customer. The company is located in Medolla, the Italian “medical plastics valley”, which since the early 60’s has seen a huge development in the field of biomedical technologies.

 ams group | medical devices distribution and production
AMS Group has been operating in the biomedical field since the mid-1990s, always at the ready to select and produce the best medical devices, allowing us to stand out and differentiate ourselves within the vast medical industry.

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