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The company produces the following forms: Stick-pack containing liquids, semi-solids and powders. Sachets containing liquids, semi-solids and powders. Tablets & capsules packed in blisters or bottles. Liquids packaged in bottles (10 to 1000ml) also with special dispensing systems

 production tablets milan
production - erbozeta Tablets. We offer the possibiltity to produce tablets of various sizes and colors in blisters or pill bottles. Thanks to the different sizes of our machines and to the numerous coating possibilities at our disposal, we are able to produce orosoluble, prolonged-release or gastro-resistant tablets.

 pharmaceutical stick pack machines and lines for liquid ...
Thanks to over 50 years of experience, Universal Pack designs and manufactures packaging machines characterized by compact footprint, user-friendly design, high production speed, reliability, combined with first class product quality, reduced waste of material, flexibility with minimum time for size change over, reduction of maintenance costs, containment of electrical consumption and ...

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 roche - what is liquid biopsy?
What is liquid biopsy? A liquid biopsy is a simple and non-invasive alternative to surgical biopsies which enables doctors to discover a range of information about a tumour through a simple blood sample. Traces of the cancer’s DNA in the blood can give clues about which treatments are most likely to work for that patient.

 universal pack - stick and sachet single serve vertical ...
Universal Pack’s stick pack machines ALFA are vertical intermittent-motion machines to produce convenient, practical and consumer-friendly stick-packs. The company’s patented design to insert and fold sealing film around forming tubes it is one of the advantages that ensure maximum efficiency and reliability for which Universal Pack machines are known worldwide.

 vaporart - liquid for electronic cigarettes
Our on-line store. Here you can find all the Vaporart e-liquids. You can order them as a private client or sign up as a reseller. Navigate between sections, look for your favourite e-liquids and place them in the basket with a simple, safe and fast procedure.

 e-liquids - puff store italia
Made in Italy has always been a hallmark of excellence and quality that represents and identifies the best products in the world. Puff has made its line of liquids the flagship of its fleet of products, only offering products manufactured in Italy. This rooted concept gave birth to those that are probably the best liquids for electronic cigarettes on the market today: PUFF IT.

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