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 healthcare: medical devices 2023 - italy | global practice guides ...
Reporting of complaints involving medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices is now governed by two different decrees of the Ministry of Health, both issued on the Decree of 26 January 2023, one “for reporting complaints involving medical devices by healthcare professionals, lay users, and patients”, published in the official gazette on 31 March 2023, and the other “for ...

 md-italy – medical device
MD Italy nasce da un gruppo di imprenditori provenienti da varie esperienze lavorative maturate in diversi settori chimici industriali: farmaceutico, trattamento acque ed analisi chimiche e microbiologiche. La mission dell’Azienda è orientata alla Ricerca e Sviluppo nell’ambito dei Dispositivi Medici (Medical Devices) ed alla messa a punto ...

 76 top medical device startups and companies in italy (2021)
Exosomics is a company located in Siena (Italy), founded in 2011 with the aim to leverage the EV potential for diagnostic purposes. Provides a range of pre-analytical solutions able to enrich tumor-derived EVs and exosomes. BIONIT LABS: Design, Development and Production of Innovative Medical Devices.

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 medical device italia: numeri del settore | miopharma blog
Le imprese che rientravano nell’industria dei medical device in Italia erano 4.546, in aumento di 223 rispetto all’anno precedente. Di queste, solo il 5,7% sono grandi imprese: ciò significa che la struttura portante del settore italiano dei medical device si basa sulle piccole e medie imprese. Inoltre, attraverso la classificazione delle ...

 medical devices: new guidance for industry and notified bodies
21 May 2024. Question-and-answer document clarifies regulatory requirements for devices used in combination with medicines. A new revision of the guidance available to applicants, marketing authorisation holders and notified bodies of medical devices has been published today. This question-and-answer document provides practical considerations ...

 medical devices - italy | statista market forecast
The Medical Devices market in Italy is projected to grow by 3.79% (2024-2029) resulting in a market volume of US$15.39bn in 2029.

 italy - medical devices and technology - international trade administration
The medical device market (including dental and optical devices) was valued at $11.8 billion in 2021 with imports accounting for $7.8 billion. Public hospitals account for over 75% of medical device purchases, and the private sector 25%. Market growth will be constrained by the economic slowdown and by cost containment measures, such as ...

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